WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

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Feeling SMO.G's Xtra smoothness will change your smoking habit.


Change your smoking experience revolutionary.


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SMO.G Gift Box

Searching for the perfect vape gifts?

The best vape kits in a range of stylish colors for gifting. Treat yourself or give as a present for those who want to quit smoking and start vaping. A complete vape gift set with 6 incredible flavors that are suited to beginners as well as more experienced vapers. Our vape gift kit contains 6 flavors of MAX products and one LED product as a bonus.

Discover new heights with the powerful multi-flavored vape gifting kit by SMO.G. Ergonomically designed, this vape mod kit fits comfortably in your hand delivers a great mouth-to-lung experience alongside incredible flavors. Whether you are always on the go or vaping from the comfort of your home, we have everything in our kit box.

Flavor Included: Frosty Cool Mint, Ice Ice BANANA, Icy Tango Mango, Sweety Ice Peach, Bursty Ice Grape, Icy Mixy Berry.


Changing your smoking experience revolutionary!

SMO.G’s MEGA is an ultra smooth and flavorful vape with a premium mesh coil which really boosts the performance to the next level, capturing the flavor of your juice perfectly and putting out plenty of vapor with each puff. It can deliver approximately 3300 puffs per unit. The vape device comes with a powerful internal 950 mAh battery and 8 ml of tasty flavored liquid.

The best thing about SMO.G MEGA is a selection of 10 fantastic flavors like Bubbly Aloe Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Frosty Cool Mint, Peachy Mango, Soury Green Apple, Flavory Frity Ice, Tasty Energy Drink, LemonLime ADE, Coffee Bean, Nuts Tobacco.


Feeling SMO.G’s Xtra smoothness will change your smoking habit!

SMO.G Max is the #1 choice for amazing and affordable flavors. A refreshing and stylish vape was born to share memorable moments with your buddies. Feel the different levels of smoothness in the palm of your hand and it will bring you happiness.

SMO.G Max has an 800mAh integrated battery with an improved flavor experience, with a redesigned sensing element, intended to make you enjoy every puff. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a new-to-vaping user, SMO.G MAX makes for a deliciously smooth, tasty, & enjoyable vaping experience every time.


Changing your smoking experience revolutionary!

Slimline, stylish and simple to use, the SMO.G LED Slim Vape Pen blends elegant form with streamlined functionality to deliver a satisfying, no-fuss vaping experience. Perfectly crafted, easily slipped into your pocket or bag. SMO.G LED will light up with vibrant colors to entice your vaping experience.

SMO.G LED Vape Pen has a powerful 450mAh battery. For beginners to the world of vaping, or for vapers looking for a highly portable, ergonomic vape pen designed for absolute convenience, the SMO.G LED Vape Pen is a natural choice. Elegant, easy to use, and built to last, just fill up the tank and you’re ready to go!

Change your




Express your love with SMO.G while wearing our SMO.G Logo t-shirts and hats

Shop SMO.G t-shirts and hats to match your desired vaping products for a fantastic experience. You can wear SMO.G to fit with any occasion regardless of a night out or hanging out with your buddies. Our gear is made with top-quality fabric with your comfort in mind!


We are beyond the ordinary!


SMO.G is an innovative and superior quality Online vape manufacturer brand. We have the best tasty flavored vapes in the market. Whether you want to enjoy a satisfying effortless vaping experience in a new way or reduce your nicotine use, we have what you need. We are here to make your vaping experience revolutionary.


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SMO.G Max is the #1 choice for amazing and affordable flavors. A refreshing and stylish vape was born to share memorable moments with your buddies. Feel the different levels of smoothness in the palm



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Vape and cigarettes have distinguished features in them. Both of the inventions are deadliest but quite in use by the youth. But, from its texture to its weight, color, and prices, there is a vast difference.

Game changer elements
Same manufacturIng


Designed With Your Pleasure In Mind

With the goal of combining innovation, design, and the best quality of vaping to change your smoking experiences to be a revolutionary different way. We are dedicated to creating new vaping experiences for our customers. Focusing on product quality and safety and taking better vaping experience in all aspects to customers is our goal to strive for.

We combined experience, Our products are available in selected stores. For bulk orders, you can directly purchase from our website. In the store, you can ask a sales representative about the SMO.G and make sure it is genuine SMO.G since we have so many counterfeit products.

  • Quality - We take quality especially seriously. We do extensive testing of our finished products as well as raw materials.
  • Commitment - SMO.G is committed to searching for the best technology, design, and quality for our products to create a revolutionary vaping experience.
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